At what ages do you start training? What is the oldest age that you have training?

We start training children at 5 years of age.  Children under the age of 5 do not have the retention skills necessary for productive learning.  We have students training at 56.  If you are determined you can train at any age. 

Will karate classes help my child be a better student?

Karate is a discipline.  It teaches children to follow directions, pay attention and practice.  This discipline naturally helps students do better in all activities. 

Am I too out of shape for karate training?

It's unusual for anyone to be in ideal shape for karate when they start. Everyone comes to karate with unique strengths and weaknesses, even those who have never worked out before! You will be taught at a pace that works for you.  In time you will improve your physical conditioning and be able to keep pace with everyone in class. 

Will I be able to street fight after training?

The wisest warrior never goes to battle.  We teach discipline and respect.  With proper training you will learn how to defend yourself and recognize your surroundings.  As you progress, you will learn to prevent a bully or attacker from entering your personal space with confidence.